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Building customer personas with Google Analytics
Your website visitors could be providing a wealth of knowledge interacting with your company. Are you using this data in your customer personas?
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Should your business invest in digital marketing?
How do you know if your customers even find out about your business online? Should your business invest in digital marketing?
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The digital marketing Hierarchy of needs
For most small businesses, taking your digital marketing one step at a time makes the most sense for simplicity and cash flow purposes. But where should you start?
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History of Google Search
Have you ever wondered why everyone uses Google? You might remember that it wasn't always that way, with more than a dozen search engines available in the early years of the internet.
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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audits
There are a lot of tools and services that offer audits of your digital marketing, but most of them don't give you the entire picture.
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How UX impacts your SEO, Conversions, and Revenue
We all know user experience is important, but how does UX translate into business value? It impacts your SEO and Conversion Rate.
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