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We work best when we’re creating experiences that reach new audiences, drive additional returning business, and help turn your customers into raving fans.

Our Process

We’re not obsessed with the tools of design, and we don’t expect you to be, either. What we are obsessed with are the results that a great creative process can achieve.

We aim to create an exceptional experience for our clients by maximizing the value we provide every opportunity we can. We normally work on a flat-fee basis based on the project scope and are happy to discuss your next project.


We’re not vendors. We’re trusted advisors, strategists, and partners. The roadmap we plan for you is crafted from your baselines, goals, and untapped opportunities – all informed by our free, proprietary appraisal process.


We do the work upfront, starting from first contact. We create a scalable plan for every stage of your existing funnel and every milestone in your customer’s journey designed to maximize the return on your investment.


Staying fleet-footed and adaptable allows us to do what needs to be done for your ROI. We make iterative refinements to our strategy & designs before launch based on your team's insights and feedback.


We take care of all the details involved with bringing your strategy to life. Our lean, experienced team of designers and developers are responsible for the complete build down to the very last period and pixel.


See the progress we’re making and what’s driving results anytime with custom dashboards. Get customized reports for each team member involved, from bottom-line results to detailed analytics and insights.


We implement a suite of analytics and revenue attribution tools that allow you to benefit from the data your website is already generating. We analyze these tools to make data-driven adjustments to our strategy.

Better Service
Better Communication
Complete Transparency

Reach your customers — where they are — today.

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Our Specialties

We craft turnkey solutions customized to your marketing goals,
providing a wide range of services to clients in various industries.

B2C Services

We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers— creating exceptional brand experiences.

D2C Ecommerce

D2C marketing that moves product so you can focus on filling orders, expanding SKUs, and keeping up with demand.


We help startup brands & businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world.

B2B Services

Understand your target audience’s buying worries and how to make them disappear – earning you their trust and their business.


Founded in 2018 (as Holdsworth Consulting) by San Diego local & UCLA alumni Conor Holdsworth, Holdsworth Digital Branding is a San Diego based design & marketing consultancy.

We create remarkable digital experiences by assembling lean, experienced teams during an era of bloated agencies, unreliable freelancers, and useless consultants by crafting complete, turn-key digital marketing and web design solutions tailored to your business, your customers, and your goals.

Long-term relationships power our business and we are dedicated to building mutually beneficial relationships. Experience better service, better communication, & complete transparency with a marketing partner you can trust.

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ROI Focused

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Customer-Centric Design

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Data-Driven Decisions

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Omnichannel Approach

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No Long Term Contracts

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Rapid Iteration

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Operate With Integrity

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Clear Communication

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Our services are scalable to the needs of most companies, however we specialize in delivering turn-key solutions for small-medium sized companies. We love working with businesses that serve local communities, especially those with a long customer lifecycle of repeat purchases.

We are no longer accepting new clients or new projects however you are welcome to join our waitlist.